Monday, July 31, 2006

Meanwhile.. the Devil Rays Have a Clue

At the same time that Hendry fucked up the Maddux trade with the Dodgers, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays made a deal with the Dodgers. They gave up free agent to be SS Julio Lugo, one of the prized trading deadline players available. In return? They got 3B/OF prospect Joel Guzman and RF prospect Sergio Pedroza. Guzman's stock has fallen in the last year, but he's 6'6" 250 lbs and still pretty athletic. He also has great power potential. He's a decent pickup even though we don't really need a 3B or OF. He has all the potential in the world and could be used in an offseason trade to get pitching help. The other player interests me a lot. Pedroza is only 22 and at A+ ball after being drafted in the 3rd round out of college last year. He seems to have a lot of power potential(He's consistantly around .280-.300 IsoP) and he walks a lot, leading to huge OBPs. He has his flaws(low contact rate, took him a 2nd trip in the Sally League(well, he got around 200 PA there last year and came back to start this season) before he exploded with his bat). He seems to be kind of far away, so they can wait for him to keep progressing without worrying about the glut of OFs. This is how a smart GM does things. He acquires two very good talents with very good potential for a future free agent. They don't go get shitty infielders, they get very good prospects. I love the direction the Devil Rays are headed.


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