Monday, July 31, 2006

Hendry Doesn't Dissapoint!

Just when I thought Hendry might only partially screw the deadline up by not making any moves... Hendry goes out and trades Greg Maddux to the Dodgers. Now, I suggested this so you'd think its a good idea. If Hendry had got a prospect for Maddux, even if it wasn't a top guy from their system, it would have been an alright deal. What does Hendry do? He acquires Neifi Perez v2.0... I mean Cesar Izturis. Thats right, as if we didn't have enough middle infielders that cannot hit the ball at all, we now have another one! That sub .300 OBP will fit in well with this offense-averse team. And on top of that, Izturis makes up for his absolutely terrible OBP by not hitting for any power! You can see his career numbers here. Not exactly inspiring. At least he'll have Neifi on board to teach him how to suck horribly and stick around for a long time. With Todd Walker being traded and Ronny Cedeno moving to 2B, we now have the worst middle infield in baseball and we'll probably have that same middle infield next year! God I hate you Jim Hendry.


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